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My Thoughts on Pope Francis’ Election

March 19, 2013 | 2 Comments

My initial reaction when I heard that the new Pope was from Argentina, was, I will admit, shocked and not necessarily happy. I have heard from a lot of people that Latin America has some difficulty with the way the Archbishops are down there. I’ve never really heard anything exceptional down there, though I do not deny that anything exceptional does occur.

However, things completely changed when I saw him step out. After seeing him step out as Pope Francis, I was floored. He looked incredibly Papable and looked like he belonged there. I was impressed with the humility that he displayed, asking for prayers for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and then asking for prayers for himself. On top of that, the reserved nature of just the friendly wave as opposed to the full out embrace seemed incredibly humble. I liked that a lot.

I think he is an excellent choice in all aspects of the Church, except potentially liturgically. However, the Holy Spirit knows what He is doing, and I trust that Pope Francis will not undo anything that Benedict XVI has already done. I have not heard nearly as many bad things with Pope Francis’ election than I did with Benedict, so I think this may be a good sign? One thing that bothers me is that the entire “Pope Francis is Argentinian…” is getting on my nerves as both of his parents were Italian Immigrants. Thus, by birthright and his ethnic make up, are Italian. I noticed this because, in my opinion, he doesn’t seem very “latino”. The way he was with his election makes me happy. He is incredibly humble, and I already see Sainthood in his being since being elected Pope, than John Paul II or Benedict XVI has (and I think they both were incredibly saintly). This man exudes sanctity, which I think will be attractive.

I’m not worried about the direction of the Church, but imagine that liturgically, the strides the TLM has made in the past will probably slow down at first, but eventually pick up. Fr. Z mentioned he was tearful with joy, which I can imagine must be good. Michael Voris seems to be happy as well. I take these as good signs.

I also think that Pope Francis looks a lot like Pope Pius XII.

Please, also, in your kindness and your generosity, please continue to pray for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

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