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Cardinal Dolan Needs Our Prayers

March 27, 2013 | 2 Comments

There are many Catholics who are fans of Cardinal Dolan. However, Cardinal Dolan doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of Catholicism. I don’t post too many things from Michael Voris over at MilitantChurch.TV very often, but I think this video needs viewing.

It is about 12 minutes in length, but it is well worth the viewing. Its important to know what our Church leaders say and do, and to keep a record of it. Unfortunately, Cardinal Dolan’s record is pathetic.

Cardinal Dolan is the Cardinal that I ended up adopting from the Adopt a Cardinal website during the Conclave, but I think we all need to pray for him.

I want to be very clear, that this isn’t a smear campaign, though, I know some will label it so. We need to pray for the Cardinal.

I do highly suggest though, that we challenge him to be more true to the faith, as that is what is important. But to continually suggest that Cardinal Dolan is a victor for the Catholic Cause, is a lie that we need to stop spreading.

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