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Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

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God Is Love But Not That Kind of Love

As usual, I’m late to the party on this. Seeing as its Holy Thursday and this news has been going on since Monday. But, in case you didn’t know this and like me live under a rock (hey, its nice and cozy and I don’t have to worry about nearly as much), California’s Proposition 8, which was passed by the citizens of California making homosexual “marriage” illegal, is now up in front of the Supreme Court.

So, as usual in just about anything political that rallies behind the liberal cause, everyone went to Facebook and changed there profile picture to a red equals sign. Because, you know, changing your Facebook profile picture to something actually does something (makes sense right?). Remember the days when people actually made signs and went to their local government center to protest? Oh, that’s too hard, let’s just change our Facebook picture, because that’s pretty much the same thing!

But, in all seriousness, what I’m finding is a new trend. Many people are supporting “marriage equality”. This surprises me to a great deal, considering we have people trying to use morality, religion, and in some cases God. You know the old mantra “God is Love”? That means its okay for two people to do whatever they want with each other in the name of “love”. This gives a whole new meaning to the song “Stop! In the name of love!”

Let me address the true meaning to how God is love, in the reality and truth of this message.

How is it, that so many Catholics and Christians can be for this? The answer is simple enough. They don’t know Christ, they don’t care to know Christ and they don’t want to know Christ. Why this simple answer? The second you even mention that homosexual behavior (not being homosexual) is sinful, the knee jerk reaction is “Judge not, lest ye be judged!…” This quote from Luke 6:37 when Jesus tells us not to judge is used incorrectly, all the time. Its used as basically a “shut up” card. Unfortunately, they then will tell you that we should let them go about and live there lives, all along ignoring Jesus when he told the woman caught in adultery to “go and sin no more”.

Another common misconception you hear is “well…Jesus never spoke about marriage specifically, so really we can do whatever we want!”. Wrong. Jesus is very clear in Matthew 19:4-6 “Have you not read that from the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore, what God has joined together, no human being must separate.” (Just a side note, this is also why divorce is not allowed).

On top of this, no one reads the Gospels that speak directly of what Jesus has told us to do (if we are to follow Him, we are to obey Him and do as He says) and uses it to challenge them to grow. When they get to a reading that is too hard or difficult, like those during the Bread of Life discourse in John 6, they walk away saying “this teaching is too difficult, how are we to follow?” So, they create their own interpretation (like Protestants do all the time) and create a God in their own image. Because, you know, heresy is cool!

God is indeed truly love. But love also is having to say ‘no’ from time to time. If a family member is struggling with drugs or alcohol, would it be loving to say to them “oh, I know this is hurting you, but I am going to let you go ahead because it makes you happy and I don’t want to appear to be a bigot, cause you know, God is love!” or is it more loving to say “look, you are causing harm to yourself, you need help”. Obviously the latter. (Did I mention I can read minds and some of you are going “but that’s not the same!”)

It is a good analogy. In both cases, the person is born with a condition. One person is born with homosexual tendencies, the other with a tendency to abuse drugs or alcohol. Just to be fair let’s throw in someone who has a tendency to sleep with women left and right. In each scenario, the respective person has been born with a tendency to do something that is not within human nature. The loving thing with each respective individual, is to point out that what they are doing is wrong and they need help to correct this behavior (yes, even the adulterous male). The success for each individual, would be to not engage in their respective unhealthy behavior. For the adulterous man, to stop sleeping with random women and to either A) marry a woman who he can spend the rest of his life with and commit himself to her or B) live single and not engage in adultery. For the druggie/alcoholic, to stop using these. For the man or woman struggling with homosexual tendencies to A) not engage in these acts and live out life single or B) train themselves to think differently.

Now, what happens if the three people mentioned above fail? Does this mean they are useless and horrible people doomed to Hell? Of course not. As Catholics we believe that the Sacrament of Reconciliation should be used often and confession will get you back on track. This is the most loving realization about Catholicism of all. God loves us so much, that He knows that we will occasionally fail and so He granted us confession so that we can be back in good graces with Him.

Finally, I don’t think the Supreme Court ruling will be in favor of traditional marriage. I am predicting an over turn of DOMA, and the start of legalization of homosexual “marriage” across the country. One by one, we need to educate our friends and family members about God’s Truth, not man’s “truth”.

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Cardinal Dolan Needs Our Prayers

There are many Catholics who are fans of Cardinal Dolan. However, Cardinal Dolan doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of Catholicism. I don’t post too many things from Michael Voris over at MilitantChurch.TV very often, but I think this video needs viewing.

It is about 12 minutes in length, but it is well worth the viewing. Its important to know what our Church leaders say and do, and to keep a record of it. Unfortunately, Cardinal Dolan’s record is pathetic.

Cardinal Dolan is the Cardinal that I ended up adopting from the Adopt a Cardinal website during the Conclave, but I think we all need to pray for him.

I want to be very clear, that this isn’t a smear campaign, though, I know some will label it so. We need to pray for the Cardinal.

I do highly suggest though, that we challenge him to be more true to the faith, as that is what is important. But to continually suggest that Cardinal Dolan is a victor for the Catholic Cause, is a lie that we need to stop spreading.

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My Thoughts on Pope Francis’ Election

My initial reaction when I heard that the new Pope was from Argentina, was, I will admit, shocked and not necessarily happy. I have heard from a lot of people that Latin America has some difficulty with the way the Archbishops are down there. I’ve never really heard anything exceptional down there, though I do not deny that anything exceptional does occur.

However, things completely changed when I saw him step out. After seeing him step out as Pope Francis, I was floored. He looked incredibly Papable and looked like he belonged there. I was impressed with the humility that he displayed, asking for prayers for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and then asking for prayers for himself. On top of that, the reserved nature of just the friendly wave as opposed to the full out embrace seemed incredibly humble. I liked that a lot.

I think he is an excellent choice in all aspects of the Church, except potentially liturgically. However, the Holy Spirit knows what He is doing, and I trust that Pope Francis will not undo anything that Benedict XVI has already done. I have not heard nearly as many bad things with Pope Francis’ election than I did with Benedict, so I think this may be a good sign? One thing that bothers me is that the entire “Pope Francis is Argentinian…” is getting on my nerves as both of his parents were Italian Immigrants. Thus, by birthright and his ethnic make up, are Italian. I noticed this because, in my opinion, he doesn’t seem very “latino”. The way he was with his election makes me happy. He is incredibly humble, and I already see Sainthood in his being since being elected Pope, than John Paul II or Benedict XVI has (and I think they both were incredibly saintly). This man exudes sanctity, which I think will be attractive.

I’m not worried about the direction of the Church, but imagine that liturgically, the strides the TLM has made in the past will probably slow down at first, but eventually pick up. Fr. Z mentioned he was tearful with joy, which I can imagine must be good. Michael Voris seems to be happy as well. I take these as good signs.

I also think that Pope Francis looks a lot like Pope Pius XII.

Please, also, in your kindness and your generosity, please continue to pray for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

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Boycott List of Companies Who Support Homosexual “Marriage”

The tide is turning. There is an ever growing number of companies that are throwing out support for Homosexual “Marriage”. It wasn’t too long ago that many companies wouldn’t dare to do this. In fact, I distinctly remember in 2004, just before Thanksgiving, Walmart had decided that it was going to kick-start the pro-homosexual “marriage” support. What occurred was a national boycott stating that many people would NOT go to either Sam’s Club, or Walmart during Black Friday.

Walmart immediately revoked its position.

Today, we have become so saturated with television shows, news reports, and a barrage of other media related entertainment promoting homosexual behavior that we have become more desensitized to it. Now a days, we have to worry about companies that actually take a stand and say that they are not going to condone the behavior, worry about being sued for “discrimination”, lose their jobs, or face boycotts on the other side of the table.

We as Christians and Catholics need to spend more time researching what companies are supporting. Why? When you make a purchase at a store, and that store then promotes an action that is not good, you are indirectly supporting that as well. You can’t use the excuse that you are not, because if a company ends up donating 5% of its profits to support homosexuality, when you make a purchase, you are paying for some of their profits. Say, they make $1.00 profit off of each item you pay for. You are paying 5 cents off of each item to support their “cause”.

We should spend more time looking for alternatives, i.e. companies that support traditional family values. Thus, I think its time that we start a list of companies who are supporting homosexual marriage. I will start lists as well for abortion and other hot button issues that go against morality and the common good. I will also create a list of companies who have taken a stand FOR morality and the common good. That list is for companies who donate to organizations that support the common good.

When a person or company is in support of something heretical, we need to stand up tall, and denounce the evil, not the person and correct them on why they are wrong.

I ask for you, the reader’s help. I can’t be everywhere at once, and since this will be an ongoing list, it’d be nice if you can comment on when you hear of companies supporting this or no longer supporting or what not.

So, without further ado. The boycott list:

Companies Who Support Homosexual “Marriage”:

  • Adobe
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • CBS
  • eBay
  • Facebook
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Google
  • Intel
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Levi Strauss
  • McGraw-Hill
  • Microsoft
  • Nike
  • Starbucks
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Twitter
  • Viacom
  • Walt Disney Company
  • Xerox
  • Zynga
If I missed any or those above no longer support this, please comment below.

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Let’s Do All The Cardinals a Favor

The other day, I posted on how there were a couple of fun cardinal websites. Boom. One was a Fantasy Conclave in which YOU get to predict who you think will become the next Pope, on what day he’ll be selected and what name he’ll choose. The other was a website that randomly gives you a Cardinal to pray for during the Conclave.

Now, if you remember, I predicted Cardinal Burke. Currently, he’s in the background, no one thinks he’ll get it, no one is talking about him, and when it comes to selecting a Pope, that is usually a good thing as he who becomes Pope generally wasn’t talked about much.

Lately, I’ve seen the blogosphere literally blow up with a multitude of reasons as to why Cardinal Burke has what it takes to be Pope as well as why he might even get the nod…which is all speculation at this point.

To be honest, I got sucked into this. It was exciting to read. Who could blame me, right? The guy I’m predicting is getting a lot of rave reviews! But, really, haven’t we learned anything over the last decade as to how the blogosphere HAS an impact?

I’m worried that if we keep blogging and blogging as to why a potential “nobody” (really Cardinal Burke isn’t a nobody, but, when compared to all the “front-runners” he is), he will eventually become a “somebody”. Looking again at how generally the Pope is elected that nobody expects, it seems that we are doing a huge disservice to ALL the Cardinals when it comes to blogging on and on about why so and so will be good and why so and so will be bad.

Really, what we members of the Church are called to do, is to do one thing only. Pray. We need to be praying for the Cardinals who are at Conclave. We need to pray that the Holy Spirit choose a successor of Peter who is what the Church NEEDS.

Its easy to get caught up in all the fun and speculation of who the next Pope will be, after all, it doesn’t occur that often. But, the danger that can occur is starting allegiances to Cardinals who may not be Pope, becoming severely disappointed when our “choices” don’t get picked, or, potentially, someone we don’t like becoming the next Pope. Not to mention, this will look incredibly bad if you have bad mouthed the Pope, before he was even Pope.

As Catholics, we are all called to obey the Pope. So, I reiterate. Please, please, PLEASE pray for the Cardinals, and promise that no matter who gets elected, that you will honor the new Pope.