Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

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Sede Vacante

February 28, 2013 | Comments Off on Sede Vacante

Sede Vacante or “the Seat being Vacant” will begin at 8pm Rome time. For those in America, this is 2pm EST.

We are in the season of Lent. We are already going through enormous temptations due to our fasting. Without a Pope, we will be more open to attacks.

The spiritual attacks will increase, you may notice yourself more irritable, more easily upset, and maybe other temptations that you struggle with may become more prevalent.

Do not be afraid to call upon God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to help you. Ask Our Mother Mary for grace. Ask the Saints to intercede for you. Ask your Guardian Angel to protect you.

Have heart though! For Jesus said that the gates of Hell (yes, Hell STILL EXISTS) will not prevail against the Church.

Please, please, PLEASE pray for the state of the Church, for the Cardinal Electors and ask the Holy Spirit to guide those Cardinals to pick whom God Himself wants to be the next Pope, in the best interest of the Church.

Thank you Pope Benedict XVI for serving the Church. We love you and will miss you as our wonderful German Shepherd.