Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

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Sede Vacante

Sede Vacante or “the Seat being Vacant” will begin at 8pm Rome time. For those in America, this is 2pm EST.

We are in the season of Lent. We are already going through enormous temptations due to our fasting. Without a Pope, we will be more open to attacks.

The spiritual attacks will increase, you may notice yourself more irritable, more easily upset, and maybe other temptations that you struggle with may become more prevalent.

Do not be afraid to call upon God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to help you. Ask Our Mother Mary for grace. Ask the Saints to intercede for you. Ask your Guardian Angel to protect you.

Have heart though! For Jesus said that the gates of Hell (yes, Hell STILL EXISTS) will not prevail against the Church.

Please, please, PLEASE pray for the state of the Church, for the Cardinal Electors and ask the Holy Spirit to guide those Cardinals to pick whom God Himself wants to be the next Pope, in the best interest of the Church.

Thank you Pope Benedict XVI for serving the Church. We love you and will miss you as our wonderful German Shepherd.

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Fun Cardinal Websites

So, here’s something different. One of my friends posted a “Fantasy Conclave” link on Facebook. Basically, the rules are:

1. You predict who you think will be elected the next Pope.
2. You predict which day they will be elected.
3. You predict what name they will take.

Its free to register and if you are the lucky winner, you get money. Score! You win if you are the only person to get part 1 right, if multiple people get part 1, then they go to part 2, if multiple people get part 2, then part 3, and if multiple people get part 3 then they go to a tie breaker. That tie breaker would be who submitted their guess first. Check out to sign up for that. My guess was Cardinal Burke, on Day 5 and he’ll take Leo. Go ahead. Steal it. I’ll still win the ultimate tie breaker.

Another thing I saw on the Twitter feed was “Adopt a Cardinal”. This way we can pray for the Cardinals in the upcoming conclave. You are randomly assigned a Cardinal to pray for. I was assigned…

Timothy Cardinal Dolan of New York

He looks pretty happy to know that I am praying for him. You can sign up to adopt your own Cardinal at

Since these items were all found using social media, I suppose now would be  good time to mention that I do have a Facebook page for the blog. I’m debating getting an email address just for this blog, in case people have questions, want to point something out to me, etc, etc. I’m not sure what would be a good name for the account, so maybe we can have a contest? I don’t know. Leave a comment down below with your thoughts!

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A Friday in Lent

Today is a Friday in the season of Lent. So, what does this mean?

No meat for you!!

Anyways, we are now a week into Lent. How has Lent been treating you? Awesome? Brutal? So-so?

Mine is going very well for a change. However, I have noticed that since Lent started, my updating has been sparse again. So, sorry for the slacking, its been a very busy Lent thus far, which is not what I had intended.

I am getting back into the routine of writing on the Mortal sins since I notice that this blog gets a lot of traffic from that. I have a couple of book reviews to write up. As well as just random thoughts to throw out. And for that one special reader who reminds me every time I see her, my conversion story.

I’m hoping to get some writing in this weekend, but God usually has other plans for me.

So, I’ll end this post with a thought for you. How has your prayer life been lately? Are you praying daily? Has your prayer life been dry? Do you need to add more? Do you need to subtract some? Use the Lenten season to renew your prayer life before God so that you can begin that relationship now, so that come Easter, you will have that relationship and the habit to continue on.

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Pope Benedict Has Been Hinting at Resignation For Some Time

Its funny how the Holy Spirit works sometimes. When I’m driving to and from work, I generally will alternate between talks on Catholicism and then music. I use my phone to play the music through Google Play, and I generally will pick out what I’ll listen to randomly, and ahead of time.

So, basically about a week ago, I had loaded up Pope Benedict’s interview “Light of the World” onto my playlist. It is the audio version, and on top of that its an abridged version thanks to Lighthouse Catholic Media.

When talking about the sex abuse scandal, Peter Seewald asked:
“The great majority of these cases took place decades ago, nevertheless, they burden your pontificate now in particular, have you thought of resigning?”

Pope Benedict: “When the danger is great, one must not run away. For that reason, now is certainly not the time to resign, precisely at a time like this, one must stand fast, and endure the difficult situation, that is my view. One can resign at a peaceful moment, or when one simply can not go on, but one must not run away from danger and say that someone else should do it.

Peter Seewald: “Is it possible then to imagine a situation in which you would consider a resignation by the Pope appropriate?”

Pope Benedict: “Yes, if a Pope clearly realizes he is no longer physically, psychologically, and spiritually capable of handling the duties of his office, then he has a right and under some circumstances also an obligation to resign.”

Obviously, this goes to show that Pope Benedict has clearly been thinking about resigning for quite some time. It also sheds some light on what may be going on with him.

I saw on The Anchoress’ blog a post that she had written up that highlights more of what we can now look back upon Pope Benedict’s statements in the past and now see evidence that a resignation has been on his mind.

I believe that we love him so much as our dear Papa, that we never thought that he would give up that title, no matter what. Look at Pope John Paul II. He was in terrible condition, yet he firmly believed that he was chosen for it and would only let go when God had called him home.

Regardless, continue to pray for Pope Benedict. Offer up your sacrifices for him, pray rosaries, offer up Mass. Pray for the College of Cardinals, that they may be receptive of the Holy Spirit and choose our next Papa, who will lead the Church as she is needed in this dire time.

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Ash Wednesday and Lenten Offerings 2013

Reminder. Today is Ash Wednesday. A day of fasting and abstinence. Fasting as in 2 small meals and 1 normal meal. Abstinence as in no meat.

For Lent, I am doing very similar to what I did last year. I am doing the 17 Day Diet (no sugar, pop, red meat, non-whole grain, etc). I wrote about it more in depth last year. I am also doing P90-X again.
Sadly, after the wedding, I never got back into the groove of being healthy, and I so miss the energy I had. Not to mention, I didn’t realize it until around Christmas, but I hadn’t had a migraine in a very long time and my headaches had pretty much gone away. I also wasn’t nearly as sick either. Clearly, it worked, and this time I intend to stay healthy. I won’t be one of those health nuts where I won’t even touch sugar (hopefully (I just want to be able to consume within moderation), but, I feel that I need to be much healthier.
Stay strong and vigilant this Lent. Offer something up, and stick to it. Don’t cheat. You can do it.
St. Michael the Archangel, Defend us in battle…

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