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Abortion, Pregnancy and the Comparison to Disease

January 23, 2013 | Comments Off on Abortion, Pregnancy and the Comparison to Disease

There is a lot of comparison on the pro-abortion side of the fence comparing pregnancy to that of a disease or, worse, a parasite. This was made relatively obvious if you read the debate I had on abortion. And really, for those of us who are pro-life, we are completely baffled as to why someone would compare an unborn child to that of a disease or parasite, especially when they look just like a human being in the womb.

Doesn’t look like a parasite to me.

And really, this is where we are at. Abortion on Demand has been legal now thanks to Roe V. Wade for 40 years now. In 40 years, 55 million children have had their lives taken from them due to this unconstitutional and inhumane law.

We have a bit of a disconnect here. Clearly, on one side of the fence, we recognize the above as fully human and having the same God given rights that you and I have. The other side of the fence, believes that every abortion is like curing a disease. For a side that states that they want abortion to be safe, legal and rare, they seem to celebrate the fact that Planned Parenthood performed 333,964 abortions last year. I could understand this excitement if we cured 333,964 cases of cancer last year, or prevented 333,964 cases of the flu from breaking out. Yet, here some people are, celebrating the 333,964 deaths of innocent human life.

On December 14, 2012, we lost 20 innocent young children and 6 innocent adults in the tragedy that was the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. We as a nation mourn those whose lives were taken (and rightly so), yet we ignore the 333,964 innocent children’s lives who were taken last year alone due to abortion. When we can turn a blind eye to the atrocities that abortion has caused and condone babies to be executed, how hypocritical are those who side with abortion to then turn around and deem these 20 innocents lives as “more superior”. Then we have those who are using the Sandy Hook tragedy to hijack pro-life values (yes, I’m talking about those on the left) who are trying their hardest to change what pro-life means from valuing human life at all stages of life, to that of being pro-gun control, pro-diet, pro-insert-whatever-lame-thing-that-will-help-your-life-go-longer. This is used to shame those who are against abortion.

Cuz…you know…I’m like “pro-life”.

Yes, I’m sure those of you who disagree with me on abortion are accusing me of belittling the Sandy Hook tragedy to push a pro-life agenda. That’s okay. As I just demonstrated, you have been using the Sandy Hook tragedy to hijack the pro-life agenda.

I can understand where those who disagree with me are coming from. We all have different beliefs, and its important for both sides to understand what the other side thinks. Those who believe abortion should be legal, for the most part, do not believe that the baby is human, but, they believe it is either A) A Lump of cells. B) A parasite/disease. C) Not human.

The challenge I have for those on the pro-abortion side, is simple. At what point, does it become a human? Is it a time frame of 9 months? Is it the second it enters into the physical world? Because these arguments are flawed. If its a time frame of months, a child can enter the world before 9 months as a premie. Heck, there has been a premie who was born at 22 weeks old and survived.

The challenge I have for those on the pro-life side, is equally simple. Be patient, be kind and be reasonable. This doesn’t mean STOP fighting the fight. This means, approach it from a different angle. Using anger will not bring anyone over. When you get into discussions, do not let your emotions over power your argument, as that will bring an end to it. Conversions are rarely instantaneous, this is where patience will come in to play. I know you work hard on this, and it is greatly appreciated. Keep up the hard work!