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2013 About Catholicism Reader’s Choice Awards

January 14, 2013 | 3 Comments

Its that time of year again, where readers all across the internet get to flock to to nominate the year’s best in Catholicism. There are many different categories to choose from, but first, let’s look at the schedule!

January 14, 2013- Nominations open
February 11, 2013- Nominations close
February 19, 2013- Finalists are announced and voting opens
March 19, 2013- Voting closes
March 27, 2013- Winners announced

It appears that you can vote multiple times, but only once a day. Here are the categories to choose from and my potential suggestions.

  • Best Catholic Book of 2012 (The only book I read that was published in 2012 would be Matthew Kelly’s “Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic)
  • Best Catholic Blog (Fr. Z, Bad Catholic or, um…mine?)
  • Best Catholic Website (I guess the only one I go to on a regular basis would be the USCCB’s website)
  • Best Catholic Podcast (I sadly don’t listen to any, anybody have suggestions?)
  • Best Catholic Radio Show (Don’t listen to any…)
  • Best Catholic Newspaper (Our Sunday Visitor)
  • Best Catholic Magazine (Don’t read any…)
  • Best Catholic iOS App (Seriously? We live in a world where we have Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows and they are just going to limit it to Apple? I don’t own an iPhone, so I don’t have any “iOS Apps”, but on my Android, the best app would easily be Laudate)
  • Best Catholic to Follow on Twitter (@pontifex!)
  • Best Catholic Facebook Page (Catholic Memes hands down, followed by my page ;))
So, go on and get voting. Have fun with it!

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