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Lance Armstrong, Manti Te’o and Forgiveness

Wow, what a week in the news for sports! First, it turns out that Lance Armstrong was using sports enhancing drugs after denying it for many years. Then, we find out that Manti Te’o was lying about his girlfriend that he had been dating who had died from cancer last year, but then Notre Dame tells us that no, Manti Te’o was actually the victim and had no clue, but then we find out that it sounds like he had already known he wasn’t a victim.

Alright, so, now you’re probably wondering what these two guys have to do with forgiveness. If so, you’re in luck, because I’m going to tell you. If not, well, I’ll tell you anyways (but don’t tell anyone, it can be our little secret).

Many people are arguing that Lance Armstrong is only apologizing because he got caught. I argue that this is probably right. But, let’s look at it from another point of view, shall we? Those who are dying or have what the skeptics call “death bed conversions”, are those people only repenting because the end is near? Well, again, quite possibly. And here in is where our two stories collide.

In both cases, there is the desire for forgiveness. In one case its because the individual was caught, and the other case the individual is dying. In both cases, we can argue that when our sins come to light, and we are faced with the truth that we have been exposed, that then we are in need of forgiveness.

So, to state this simply. Sometimes, we are so caught up in our sin and in our pride, that we need to be publicly shamed and exposed in our sin, in order to realize the gravity of our moral decline so that we may seek God’s mercy, love and forgiveness. This, sadly, is the danger of sin, especially mortal sin. We get so caught up and wrapped up in the falsity of the lie that we are living and need shame and a swift kick in the ego to wake up and go “yeah, I guess that is wrong…sorry…”.

Just like the man on his death bed (who realizes that now that his end is nigh, that he is a poor sinner, in need of God’s love and mercy and was a fool for not understanding this sooner) confesses and returns to the state of grace for his last moments on Earth, we are all in need of God’s love and mercy. Some of us realize it sooner than others, but what is the different between those who confess sooner than later in life? God desires us all in Heaven, and Jesus died for all (those who want it) to have the opportunity to get there.

Okay, so we covered Lance Armstrong and the man who converts on his death bed, so where does  Manti Te’o fit into all of this?

This one is a weird one, since there are three options:
1. He really had no clue about it. (Unlikely, but still possible).
2. He knew about it and continued the lie.
3. A little of 1 and 2.

If (we have option 1)
 Then we’re done. Thanks for reading!
 He continued the lie for celebrity gain. He had an awesome season and dedicated his season “in her honor”. Its argued he didn’t need to do that in order to have a great season, as he was already doing well. But, still, now that its out in the open, and the shame is coming on, maybe that is what will drive him to interior conversion to seek God’s love, mercy and forgiveness. After all, Notre Dame is a Catholic college!

As Catholics, we believe in the Sacrament of Reconciliation  and we believe that when we confess all of our sins, we will be forgiven. So, we are thus required to believe that these two men (three if you count the convert on his (or her) deathbed) are able to fully repent and to receive God’s forgiveness. We can not pick and choose who will receive it and who will not. We are not called to judge, unless we want to be judged.

What’s the moral of the story? Forgive them and move on, don’t give them any more attention than that.

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Potential Father Corapi Update

I received an email notification from Google today regarding Father Corapi (well, I get them just about every day, but this one caught my attention).

Apparently there is a blogger down in Texas who happens to know someone up in Montana (Father Corapi’s residence) who has seen him. I direct you to there blog:

I got the following update last night from a Montana resident who claims to be in the know.  They say Fr. Corapi lives in a gated community in Whitefish, Montana, on Whitefish Lake.  He is seen about riding his Harley.  He never wears clerics or any religious garb.  He is not known to be active in any parish. 

He appears to have left the priesthood for good.  I have known many people who held out pious hopes that he would turn up in a monastery somewhere, offering prayer and penance.  That isn’t likely to occur. He seems to be very happy with his millions and his secular life.

Read the rest there. Spike up their stats, comment here if you like.

But most importantly, pray for Father Corapi’s return to the Church.

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Abortion, Pregnancy and the Comparison to Disease

There is a lot of comparison on the pro-abortion side of the fence comparing pregnancy to that of a disease or, worse, a parasite. This was made relatively obvious if you read the debate I had on abortion. And really, for those of us who are pro-life, we are completely baffled as to why someone would compare an unborn child to that of a disease or parasite, especially when they look just like a human being in the womb.

Doesn’t look like a parasite to me.

And really, this is where we are at. Abortion on Demand has been legal now thanks to Roe V. Wade for 40 years now. In 40 years, 55 million children have had their lives taken from them due to this unconstitutional and inhumane law.

We have a bit of a disconnect here. Clearly, on one side of the fence, we recognize the above as fully human and having the same God given rights that you and I have. The other side of the fence, believes that every abortion is like curing a disease. For a side that states that they want abortion to be safe, legal and rare, they seem to celebrate the fact that Planned Parenthood performed 333,964 abortions last year. I could understand this excitement if we cured 333,964 cases of cancer last year, or prevented 333,964 cases of the flu from breaking out. Yet, here some people are, celebrating the 333,964 deaths of innocent human life.

On December 14, 2012, we lost 20 innocent young children and 6 innocent adults in the tragedy that was the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. We as a nation mourn those whose lives were taken (and rightly so), yet we ignore the 333,964 innocent children’s lives who were taken last year alone due to abortion. When we can turn a blind eye to the atrocities that abortion has caused and condone babies to be executed, how hypocritical are those who side with abortion to then turn around and deem these 20 innocents lives as “more superior”. Then we have those who are using the Sandy Hook tragedy to hijack pro-life values (yes, I’m talking about those on the left) who are trying their hardest to change what pro-life means from valuing human life at all stages of life, to that of being pro-gun control, pro-diet, pro-insert-whatever-lame-thing-that-will-help-your-life-go-longer. This is used to shame those who are against abortion.

Cuz…you know…I’m like “pro-life”.

Yes, I’m sure those of you who disagree with me on abortion are accusing me of belittling the Sandy Hook tragedy to push a pro-life agenda. That’s okay. As I just demonstrated, you have been using the Sandy Hook tragedy to hijack the pro-life agenda.

I can understand where those who disagree with me are coming from. We all have different beliefs, and its important for both sides to understand what the other side thinks. Those who believe abortion should be legal, for the most part, do not believe that the baby is human, but, they believe it is either A) A Lump of cells. B) A parasite/disease. C) Not human.

The challenge I have for those on the pro-abortion side, is simple. At what point, does it become a human? Is it a time frame of 9 months? Is it the second it enters into the physical world? Because these arguments are flawed. If its a time frame of months, a child can enter the world before 9 months as a premie. Heck, there has been a premie who was born at 22 weeks old and survived.

The challenge I have for those on the pro-life side, is equally simple. Be patient, be kind and be reasonable. This doesn’t mean STOP fighting the fight. This means, approach it from a different angle. Using anger will not bring anyone over. When you get into discussions, do not let your emotions over power your argument, as that will bring an end to it. Conversions are rarely instantaneous, this is where patience will come in to play. I know you work hard on this, and it is greatly appreciated. Keep up the hard work!


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Nine Days of Prayer, Penance and Pilgrimage

I received an email notifying me that the USCCB has asked all faithful Catholics to pray a Novena for the unborn. Here’s the email:

The U.S. Bishops have called for Nine Days of Prayer, Penance and Pilgrimage from January 19th to 27th to mark the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court’s infamous decision making it legal for a woman to kill her unborn child at any time during her pregnancy. Since that tragic day, more than 55 million of our most vulnerable brothers and sisters have been killed, and countless other lives have been shattered.  Please participate in this spiritual battle to protect our most vulnerable brothers and sisters who have no voice but ours.

To receive the novena:

  • by text – text “9days” to 99000

Let’s get to prayin’!

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2013 About Catholicism Reader’s Choice Awards

Its that time of year again, where readers all across the internet get to flock to to nominate the year’s best in Catholicism. There are many different categories to choose from, but first, let’s look at the schedule!

January 14, 2013- Nominations open
February 11, 2013- Nominations close
February 19, 2013- Finalists are announced and voting opens
March 19, 2013- Voting closes
March 27, 2013- Winners announced

It appears that you can vote multiple times, but only once a day. Here are the categories to choose from and my potential suggestions.

  • Best Catholic Book of 2012 (The only book I read that was published in 2012 would be Matthew Kelly’s “Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic)
  • Best Catholic Blog (Fr. Z, Bad Catholic or, um…mine?)
  • Best Catholic Website (I guess the only one I go to on a regular basis would be the USCCB’s website)
  • Best Catholic Podcast (I sadly don’t listen to any, anybody have suggestions?)
  • Best Catholic Radio Show (Don’t listen to any…)
  • Best Catholic Newspaper (Our Sunday Visitor)
  • Best Catholic Magazine (Don’t read any…)
  • Best Catholic iOS App (Seriously? We live in a world where we have Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows and they are just going to limit it to Apple? I don’t own an iPhone, so I don’t have any “iOS Apps”, but on my Android, the best app would easily be Laudate)
  • Best Catholic to Follow on Twitter (@pontifex!)
  • Best Catholic Facebook Page (Catholic Memes hands down, followed by my page ;))
So, go on and get voting. Have fun with it!

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