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Where Did Father Corapi Disappear To?

July 18, 2012 | 1 Comment

What happened with Father Corapi? I had completely forgotten about him until I was talking with a priest on Friday and his name came up.

Father Corapi appears to have completely dropped off of the face of the earth. After the scandal hit last summer, he was in the news quite often, at least within the Catholic blogosphere. He even started his renegade website under his code name “The Black Sheep Dog”, and ran his own Facebook campaign denying everything.

After his order the SOLT (Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity) ruled that he was guilty, along with violating his vow of poverty, Father Corapi went even more renegade and argued that they had no right to intrude into his private life. The ironic point in this statement is how all Catholics are called to be obedient to the Church authority, depending on our state in life. Not to mention, when you belong to an order, you have to follow the order’s rules, which he did not…

Looking around on the internet though, I have not been able to find any information of Father Corapi’s Black Sheep Dog website or Facebook page. It seems that the site looks to be an auction site now…go figure. It is interesting how Father has somehow managed to completely disappear without even a mention. There are still a lot of tribute Facebook pages asking for prayers and his return, but not much mention on what is currently going on in the sad state of affairs.

I really hope that his disappearance is a sign that he is in some way trying to reconcile himself with the Church and is in the process of returning to the State of Grace and rediscovering himself (all in the positive, of course). I believe we should keep him in our prayers still, and who knows…maybe he’ll return?

The Church is made up of sinners, no matter how often we want to overlook this simple fact. St. Paul constantly wrote about his difficulties in his epistles. St. Augustine constantly struggled with his past as well. Saints are normal people who fight off their temptations when they arise and turn to God. I’m not saying that Father Corapi is a Saint, because we know that he is not. A good determining factor on if you are a Saint is if you are reading this blog. If you are reading this, you are not a Saint, but hopefully, you are a Saint in Progress.

I really do hope that Father Corapi returns. His talks are always amazing and inspirational. Not to mention, they are jam packed with the Truth of the Catholic Church. Hopefully, he realizes this and makes a strong comeback. He could always use this experience to talk about how even when we are doing well, we must always stand up against Satan as he attacks us always.

I guess only time will tell at this point. Father Corapi, I’ll be praying for you.

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  1. The evil in this world attacks those who stand for the truth.
    Vanity can be a powerful evil. Priests are as frail as the rest of us and only the love of God saves all of us. Pray for Fr. Corapi and all priests. God will decide his relationship with Fr. Corapi not us.

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