Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

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Questions About the Faith

April 5, 2012 | Comments Off on Questions About the Faith

I think a lot of people have many questions about Roman Catholicism. Now, I don’t have all the answers, but I feel that I have a pretty good understanding regarding the faith. Again, I don’t know everything, as well, its impossible to know everything, but I do enjoy teaching others about why we believe what we believe. That being said, I want to encourage you to ask questions in the comments.

One reason I started this blog is because I wanted to be able to reach out to others who may be too intimidated to ask me in person, or well, don’t have contact with me. The internet is so vast with all the information that even asking a simple question in Google will return many hits with quite differing answers and opinions.

Also, I myself am not perfect when I write up my posts. Sometimes, for example, I think of other things I should have said or added, or maybe even not descriptive enough. So, ask for clarification if I need to be more specific here or there. I’m not perfect, nor will I ever be.

As I’ve told my religious ed kids, you can ask me anything. If I don’t have an answer, I will look it up for you. It ¬†provides me an opportunity to grow in faith and knowledge as well.

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