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Pepsi Co Stops Using Aborted Fetal Cells for Testing

April 30, 2012 | Comments Off on Pepsi Co Stops Using Aborted Fetal Cells for Testing

I picked this up from this morning.

Pepsi Co. for the last year and a half has been in a contract with Senomyx Inc., a company that used Aborted Fetal Cells in order to do taste testing in various products. In May of last year, a lot of pro life groups got out and started protesting Pepsi for this descision. There were a few other companies that had contracts as well, but almost immediately ended the contract once the protest notes started to pour in. For the last year, Pepsi has been very staunch in their support of this company. But, today marks good news, they have ended their contract with this company. Their reasoning was mostly that “Senomyx will not use HEK cells or any other tissues or cell lines derived from human embryos or fetuses for research performed on behalf of PepsiCo.” This truly is good news.

I for one am happy that Pepsi has finally recognized the dangers and has listened to the consumer’s. It was very frustrating that many people complained and protested and their initial response was a flat out ‘we don’t care, we want a superior product and will use this no matter what’. But, it looks like in the end, money talks. I for one was boycotting Pepsi and switched my allegiance over to Coca Cola. Now, both drinks are bad, but, on occasion I do enjoy a delicious pop.

This is a huge victory as well for the pro-life crowd as it shows how many people do not approve of this kind of conduct. Using aborted fetal cells for taste is down right disgusting. Many pro-choicers were also offended by Pepsi’s actions as well. In my opinion we are one step closer to consuming Soylent Green when we begin to start testing with fetal cells.

From my understanding, it sounds like Senomyx will still be doing testing in this regard with aborted fetal cells, but just will not be using this in Pepsi products. I still wish that Senomyx would not be using these cells at all in their testing, but at least Pepsi has recognized this. I would imagine that with Pepsi finally ending this, Senomyx might wake up and realize that this is not only morally wrong, but no body wants this in the food that they eat, even if it does “enhance the flavor”.

So, in honor of this prolife victory, I will probably enjoy a Mountain Dew or similar Pepsi product tonight.

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