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The Android Confession App

March 18, 2011 | Comments Off on The Android Confession App

The other day I had the opportunity to use a confession app for the Android device. The app is called “Guide to Confession” and is available for any Android phone for $1.99. This tool is not a replacement for confession, so do not think that this will “count”.

What the tool is more or less used for is an examination of conscience as well as a reminder for the sins you have committed. It has gone through a series of upgrades over the past couple of weeks and only continues to improve. There is an account system so multiple users can have access. It is password protected so that if someone does steal your phone than they have to know the password in order to get access to your sins. It is a very good tool as it has the basic questions needed to allow for a good examination before you go for confession.
I think the one thing that was most difficult for me was not being used to using an app for my confession. This made it somewhat
difficult to pay attention (which the app does make a very good point at saying) and I wasn’t used to hav
ing to have my phone out during a confession. I myself am used to bringing in the “grocery list” of sins that I have committed since my last confession and this was slightly different. I believe though, with practice and using the app more in my free time, it will help me and other users to
figure out the timing.
I highly suggest this app as it is worth every penny. Especially with it being Lent, if you haven’t gone to confession in some time, I highly encourage you to go. Lent is the time to do penance, and confession allows us to be forgiven of our past sins so that we can continually grow and heal from our past wounds that have prevented us from being all that we can be.
Another feature that I forgot to mention that I’ll mention here is
that you can do multiple examinations of conscience per user. To make this point clear, each time you commit a sin, you can press the add button. If I go through and hit a particular sin 3 times, it will remember that.If say, tomorrow I do it another 2 times, I can hit the add button twice and it will remember come time for confession that yes, I commited this particular sin a grand total of 5 times since my last confession. After you have confessed all of your sins to your priest, there is a nice “Sins Absolved” button that you can press, that will clear the database. As God forgives you of your sin and the priest has absolved you, your phone forgets them as well.