Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

Reintroducing Logic and Reason to the Age of Sentimentalism


July 14, 2008 | Comments Off on Angels

Everyone has a guardian angel, whether they choose to believe it or not. When we are born, each person is entrusted with a guardian angel, who obeys us. We can tell them what to do and they obey us. For instance, I have sent my guardian angel out to protect my friends when they go out on long road trips.

We can even talk to our guardian angels in a form of prayer. Yes, I said it, in a form of prayer, we commune with our guardian angel, and any angel for that matter. One can even name their guardian angel if they so choose, although it is not necessary.

However, to the other side of this, there are also demons that are out there trying to cause the ruin of our souls. They tempt us. They hate us. They would do anything to see us suffer as they do. Demons are fallen angels as the Church teaches, it makes logical sense. Angels were created to serve man, and they were also created with a free will. That is how Demons became fallen Angels.

Angels are definitely here to help us. The problem is, it is easy to forget that they are there. God gives us so many different ways to help us. Prayer, Angels, the Rosary, Saints, Our Lady, Sacraments and Sacramentals, and not to mention Himself. Yet we allow our fallen nature to ignore these wondrous gifts. There are as many Angels as ourselves, and then some.

It is of great importance to remember the gifts that the Lord brings to us to assist us in our daily struggles. Angels are of no exception. It seems that they are the most forgotten. It is rare of someone to mention that one should also keep in touch with their guardian angel when temptations arise.

One must never misuse the graces that God pours fourth from Heaven. But, be sure to remember that Angels have more power than Demons, just be sure to not let your guard down. If you lose faith in your Angel, a demon will be more powerful.

Stay strong, stay vigilant, and God bless you.

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, Pray for Us!