Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

Reintroducing Logic and Reason to the Age of Sentimentalism

A loving reminder

I haven’t had too many thoughts lately. Being rather sick lately with what appears to be a mid-summer flu, I’ve spent most of my efforts recovering more than anything. I haven’t been this sick since high school, which is when I first started to delve into the depths of Catholicism thanks to my friend.

There were a lot of old feelings that came up. A lot of pain from not being happy, as well as not having God in my life. Its amazing how when I look back at it, it all just seems…dark. Everything now is bright, which would make sense seeing as that I now have the Light of Christ within me.

I’m starting to think that I got this sick as a reminder of where I came from. Having no religious views at the time (although I was very conservative) I slowly came to realize that the Catholic Church had all of the answers. They accepted me as I was, and started to teach me the exact reasons why Christ approved or disproved of ways to live life.

The most amazing thing that I usually forget is that even when I was told of what was right, I was still given the time to pray about it. There was no force or coercion done to make me change my mind. I sat in prayer with the Lord and thought things through. I read scripture. I read writings on the subject. It made sense, and I was able to say “Lord, you are right and I think I can embrace this new teaching”.

Granted, it is not new, but to me it was. Several of the tougher ones for me that I can remember would have to be the stance on birth control, children, prayer life, and the death penalty to name a few.

If one is to keep an open mind and an open heart to Sacred Scripture, Tradition, as well as all other types of Church Teaching, one can find the Truth. What makes this process difficult, is that in our fallen human nature, we don’t want to live by God’s Will, but by our own. We must overcome this temptation, and surrender ourselves to God.

We must always ask God what He wants from us, and when we hear Him speak, we must respond with “Your Will be done.” When we are serving the Lord with all our heart, we will find a great joy in that. We were made to do this, and our souls shout for joy when we do.


Everyone has a guardian angel, whether they choose to believe it or not. When we are born, each person is entrusted with a guardian angel, who obeys us. We can tell them what to do and they obey us. For instance, I have sent my guardian angel out to protect my friends when they go out on long road trips.

We can even talk to our guardian angels in a form of prayer. Yes, I said it, in a form of prayer, we commune with our guardian angel, and any angel for that matter. One can even name their guardian angel if they so choose, although it is not necessary.

However, to the other side of this, there are also demons that are out there trying to cause the ruin of our souls. They tempt us. They hate us. They would do anything to see us suffer as they do. Demons are fallen angels as the Church teaches, it makes logical sense. Angels were created to serve man, and they were also created with a free will. That is how Demons became fallen Angels.

Angels are definitely here to help us. The problem is, it is easy to forget that they are there. God gives us so many different ways to help us. Prayer, Angels, the Rosary, Saints, Our Lady, Sacraments and Sacramentals, and not to mention Himself. Yet we allow our fallen nature to ignore these wondrous gifts. There are as many Angels as ourselves, and then some.

It is of great importance to remember the gifts that the Lord brings to us to assist us in our daily struggles. Angels are of no exception. It seems that they are the most forgotten. It is rare of someone to mention that one should also keep in touch with their guardian angel when temptations arise.

One must never misuse the graces that God pours fourth from Heaven. But, be sure to remember that Angels have more power than Demons, just be sure to not let your guard down. If you lose faith in your Angel, a demon will be more powerful.

Stay strong, stay vigilant, and God bless you.

Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, Pray for Us!

Total Faith in the Lord

One must always have total faith in the Lord. We should trust that He will provide for us no matter what He has planned for us. Whether we are looking for a job, looking for a relationship, discerning what to do with our lives, we should have complete, total, loving trust in Jesus Christ, Son of the Father, Sender of the Holy Spirit.

God created us in His image and likeness (Gen 1:27). He loves us in His Whole Being. He has everything planned out for us. Yet, so many people try to do it the hard way, their way. God may have given us a free will to do whatever we please, but in the end, He alone determines what will happen in our lives.

When we worry, we are causing Him pain. Why is this? Because, He knows that in the long run we will be happy, yet, we do not trust, we do not believe.

We live in a society where one must accomplish his or her own goals by themselves. There is no mention of faith. There is no mention of God anymore without being ridiculed or shunned. But, that is what we are faced with. Those who do believe in God have felt His presence, and will not ignore it. It is our own particular cross to bare, and we share it with the Lord.

Now, we know that God has everything planned. The best thing we do is to pray for the virtue of patience as we wait for God’s Divine Plan to unravel before our eyes. Sometimes it takes longer than we want, but again, it is not what we want, but what God wants.

Total trust in the Lord will bring us happiness. When we tell God everything that is going on in our lives, He listens, He knows. He will bring total happiness as long as we give Him our lives and allow Him to work with us and to mold us into the person that He wants us to be.

God will provide the job, the relationship, the happiness that you are looking for. But He wants you to trust in Him. I am sure that there have been times when you have said “God, if ____ happens I will do _____”. He has shown you that He is there for you, but did you keep that promise? Maybe you are having difficulties fulfilling that promise, but, He knows your struggles, and those are the same things you can bring to Him in prayer.

May God bless you.

St. Grimbald, Pray for Us!

An Introduction

I plan to use this blog as a way to bring people closer to the Church as well as her beautiful teachings. I have tried journaling my thoughts while I am able to, but writing by hand has never appealed to me. There are too many times when I am in communion with the Lord and I have a revelation unfold before me.

Most recently in my last two visits to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, I have felt as if He wants me to share these thoughts. If I am able to learn from them, then as a good Catholic, I should share these with all. I have finally decided to sit down and write down these thoughts when I have them, to share with those who are interested.

As of this moment, I am only getting an introduction to the blog started. I have nothing to say right now, and that is fine. The Holy Spirit will speak when He feels the need to. As I commune with God later today, I may be able to share with you what He has told me to speak of.

May God bless you this day!
Blessed Roger Dickenson, Pray for Us!
Blessed Ralph Milner, Pray for Us!
Blessed Lawrence Humphrey, Pray for Us!