Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

Traditional Roman Catholic Thoughts

Reintroducing Logic and Reason to the Age of Sentimentalism

The TradCast Episode 01

On the first episode of the TradCast, I give you a bit of history about me. I discuss my experience at the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis’ Rediscover: Catholic Celebration. What do you do with your orthodox leanings in a progressive parish? And finally, what does it mean to be Catholic and who do we look to in this day when modernism reigns supreme?


Currently, you can download or listen from SoundCloud. Due to some technical difficulties and lack of foresight on my part, this is the only way you can listen to it. I am working on getting iTunes and self-hosted working soon.

Enjoy and thanks for listening!

One correction, the verse is Romans 16:17-19

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Bishop Cozzens Celebrates Extraordinary Form Confirmation and Solemn Pontifical Mass

Bishop Andrew Cozzens celebrated a Solemn Pontifical Mass at the Faldstool in the Extraordinary Form on Saturday October 11th 2014 at the Cathedral of Saint Paul, Minnesota. This is the first time in over 50 years for the Traditional Latin Mass to be celebrated at the Cathedral. Prior to Mass, Bishop Cozzens confirmed about 40 or so teenagers using the Extraordinary Form rubrics. The FSSP was there as well to assist Bishop Cozzens.

Pontifical High Mass with Bishop Cozzens 2

The average age of those in attendance seemed to be somewhere between the ages of 35 to 45. From what I could tell, most of these people still had their natural hair color. The Traditional Latin Mass is a Mass which hasn’t been said for about 50 years. I have to ask: “how come a Mass which wasn’t said when these people grew up is gaining so much traction?” These Catholics are on fire and passionate about their faith. They just don’t go around bragging about it. On top of it, these are the Catholics who are having large families. I couldn’t tell you how many young families were there with young children, not because I couldn’t see any, but because there were so many.

Pontifical High Mass with Bishop Cozzens 4

Last week I went to the Rediscover Catholic Celebration the Archdiocese put on. Throughout the entire conference, it was never really mentioned at all going back to the traditions of Catholicism in order to draw people into the beauty of our faith. Archbishop Coakley did make some mention of it, but it was very subtle and if you were not paying attention you would have easily missed it. Instead, Jeff Cavins kept mentioning the new “Amazing Parish” program which is a “Rebuilt” clone. It takes the emphasis off of the Mass and the Liturgy, as well as the traditions of our faith. It looks to Protestants as models for “attracting” people. The vast majority of those at Rediscover were in their 50s to 60s. The direction we need to go in as a Church, I would argue, is passing on and practicing the traditions we have inherited from our ancestors in the faith. The parishes where the sacred traditions are kept and upheld are the healthiest of parishes, both financially and spiritually. I did not rediscover anything Catholic at last week’s conference, but I rediscovered Catholicism here.

Pontifical High Mass with Bishop Cozzens 3

When the organ began playing during the Te Deum, the entire Cathedral shook. One could sense the Cathedral was beginning to awaken after her 50 year slumber of not having a Latin Mass said within her walls. The sung chant and organ when combined reverberated off of the massive dome of the Cathedral. This Cathedral was built for the Solemn/Pontifical High Mass, and it is heartbreaking to think it could possibly be a number of years before another Mass of this caliber will be celebrated within her walls. By the grace of God, perhaps Bishop Cozzens would be kind enough to celebrate this beautiful Mass more often? Even if not a Solemn or Pontifical High Mass, perhaps a Low or High Mass? Maybe Archbishop Neinstedt and Bishop Piche can celebrate them too?

Pontifical High Mass with Bishop Cozzens 1

People were intrigued! The Cathedral is a tourist destination. I witnessed many people who were stopping in just to see what was going on. After Mass, my friend and I were approached by a woman asking what it was she had just experienced. We told her and she was interested. Non-traditional Catholics tell us the days of tradition are over in the Church because nobody cares for it, or people are turned off, or whatever excuse is popular for the day. As a convert I find these excuses lacking as it was the traditions of the Church that really drew me in. Catholicism celebrated as it has been given by Christ and His Church should draw people in with it’s beauty and pomp. Not with novelty, distractions and noise.

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Now Open: The Store

After a suggestion from a few people. I decided to open up a store. This came after my post Novelty Divides was published. You can get a shirt (many options available) with “Novelty Divides” on the front and the Romans 16:17-19 verse complete on the back.

Click to Make Larger

Click to Make Larger

I also have created a matching mug. You can also get this in various options. This one has “Novelty Divides Romans 16:17-19″ on the front.

Novelty Divides MugThe Store link is available at the top or here. Happy shopping!

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COMING SOON – The Holy League

I was sent this video by several of my good friends from the Madison area. There is a movement growing around the Holy League. Watch the video here:

It’s incredibly well done and put together well. I’m excited to see what more this movement has to offer.

We need to be constantly in a state of grace. Go to confession as often as you need to. Go monthly at an absolute minimum. Go weekly if you can. Pray the Rosary daily. Stay close to the Scriptures. Visit Jesus in the Eucharist, both at Mass and in Adoration. Most importantly, pray, fast, and do penance.

Looks like an all-out spiritual warfare offensive is brewing. Join forces over at the Holy League on Facebook.

Holy League

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Extraordinary Form Confirmation and Solemn High Mass at St. Paul Cathedral

It has been brought to my attention that this Saturday, October 11, 2014 at 10am, Bishop Andrew Cozzens, Auxiliary Bishop of St. Paul/Minneapolis, will be confirming about 40 children using the Extraordinary Form. After the Confirmations, with the assistance of the FSSP (Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter) a Solemn High Mass will be celebrated.

Bishop Andrew Cozzens

This will be held at the Cathedral of Saint Paul in St. Paul, Minnesota. This is the first time in over 50 years that the Traditional Latin Mass will have been celebrated in the Cathedral.

The faithful are encouraged to attend this historic event. If you live in the Twin Cities, or even possibly near by, I highly recommend you go. The Cathedral of Saint Paul is a beautiful and stunning Cathedral. It was made for the Traditional Mass.

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Novelty Divides

There are many in the Church today who talk about unity and division, we’ll call them Uniters. Specifically, the Uniters will mention a certain group of Catholics who are always causing division (read “Traditionalists”).

It is crucial to read the scriptures, as St. Jerome says “ignorance of the scriptures is ignorance of Christ”. Jesus has something to say about division. We read in Luke:

I am come to cast fire on the earth; and what will I, but that it be kindled? And I have a baptism wherewith I am to be baptized: and how am I straitened until it be accomplished? Think ye, that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, no; but separation. For there shall be from henceforth five in one house divided: three against two, and two against three. The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against his father, the mother against the daughter, and the daughter against the mother, the mother in law against her daughter in law, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. Luke 12:49-53 DR

The natural order of things to come is those who profess a faith in Jesus Christ will cause divisions among the Earth. While unity is an important aspect of the faith, we must remember Jesus Christ and His Church holds all Truth. To separate oneself from either of these causes division.


In my own experience, I have found the Uniters who profess a “spirit of unity” to be the ones who are against the sacred traditions we have inherited. So much so, they will label and isolate those who do profess the Truths and traditions of our faith. How? Calling someone divisive comes to mind.

St. Paul warns against those who cause division by not upholding the doctrine handed down in his letter to the Romans:

Now I beseech you, brethren, to mark them who make dissensions and offences contrary to the doctrine which you have learned, and avoid them. For they that are such, serve not Christ our Lord, but their own belly; and by pleasing speeches and good words, seduce the hearts of the innocent. For your obedience is published in every place. I rejoice therefore in you. But I would have you to be wise in good, and simple in evil. Romans 16:17-19 DR

True unity occurs once we unite ourselves with the teachings, doctrines, and traditions that have been passed on from prior generations through Christ and the Church.

To the Uniters, I give the benefit of the doubt. They do not know their faith well enough and believe they are preaching it. Pray for them and encourage them to delve deeper into Catholicism.

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On the Road of Inclusiveness

Liberal Catholics or even moderate Catholics will tell us we need to be embracing of migrants and immigrants to the country. They tell us we should even assimilate our culture to theirs while slowly losing our own identity. They tell us we should be learning Spanish and the other languages these new neighbors will be speaking, so they do not have to learn ours. We need to be more welcoming in a spirit of diversity. We need to be more inclusive.

one way

When it comes to the Traditional Latin Mass, these same Catholics will tell you it’s not worth learning this language and we do not need to bother with the old.

So much for being inclusive, assimilating to other cultures or learning other languages.

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The Official Theme Song For Synod on the Family

After much perusing the internet, I believe I have discovered the official theme song for the Synod on the Family that is to take place during October 5-19, 2014.

It is possible that this song would be played before and after each Mass that is celebrated by the Bishops and Cardinals that will be in attendance.

Enjoy this beautiful song that brings glory to God.

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One Easy Trick To Get Your Newborn To Fall Asleep

Being a first time father, I am quickly learning how tiresome and difficult parenting can be. Don’t get me wrong, parenting comes with many rewards that make everything worth it.

The most frustrating aspect of parenting in my view is getting your newborn to sleep.

Newborn Crying


I have discovered a method that has put my newborn to sleep generally within 5 minutes.

I have put on Gregorian Chant when it is time for bedtime. It does work for naps, but I have found it works better at night time.

Gregorian Chant is the highest form of music in the Church. Chant demands calmness. Chant relaxes the body and mind and puts it in a state of readiness for prayer. As newborns are still trying to figure out how to calm themselves in order that they might fall asleep, Chant is a perfect music to help put them to ease.

Giving your newborn Chant now will also allow them to develop a fondness for it as they grow up. It will acclimate them so they will be ready to worship properly and reverently when they get older.

We as Catholics should recover the lost beauty of Gregorian Chant in our every day lives. Our Catholic Identity depends on this beautiful music that gives praise to God in the language of the Church. We are Roman Catholics of the Latin Rite, as you rediscover your Catholic faith, ensure that you rediscover Latin.

Help yourself to Pandora’s Free Gregorian Chant Station.

So, give your child the gift of chant, and give yourself the gift of a full night of sleep.

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The “Gay Mafia” Report

I was reminded today of Pope Benedict’s abdication of the throne. Within a week after his announcement, the news was ablaze with a 300-page document detailing an intricate “gay network” within the Vatican.

Pope Benedict

When news of this had broke, many people were shocked. Questions were asked as to what would happen with this document. We were told Pope Benedict would pass this along to his successor and let him deal with it as he saw fit. Pope Benedict felt the amount of work which would be needed to clean up a mess like this was unfitting and too daunting of a task for the aging Pontiff.

Hilary White, writing for LifeSiteNews, details the story in greater depth. After a year and a half of her publication, the urgency surrounding this document has disappeared. Read the article and see for yourself, it is odd.

The sudden disappearance of this document leaves many questions to be answered. Was it given to Pope Francis? Was it destroyed? After all, from my knowledge and understanding, there only existed one copy of this document. Regardless, you would think those who spent the time working on this document would have tried to come up with a copy to give to His Holiness.

Perhaps he does have a copy and is saving it for the upcoming Synod of the Family. Either way, it is strange something so pressing around the abdication of Pope Emeritus Benedict, has completely vanished into thin air.

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